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Technyflex Equine Gel 200ml Omega-Rich Anti-Inflammatory Greenlipped Mussel Fast-Acting Pain Relief Liniment Joint, Tendon, Muscle Pain, Stiffness To Improve Mobility And Maintain Optimum Flexibility

Last updated on August 10, 2019

Product Features

  • Technyflex Equine Gel is a topical pain relieving gel for use on sore joints and muscles.
  • Technyflex Equine Gel contains advanced cold processed 100% Enriched NHNZ Greenlipped mussel oil and a blend of essential oils.
  • The mussel oil contains very high levels of ETA (eicosatetraenoic acid) which is applied topically to the tendon, joint or muscle to support joint function.
  • The essential oils are blended specifically for use on joints and muscles.
Price: $54.95
(as of 09/15/2019 06:05 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Technyflex Gel contains 100% cold-pressed mussel oil from the New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel, combined with a blend of essential oils. This soothing gel can be used alone, or in combination with Technyflex powder, to soothe stiff, sore joints, muscles or tendons. The omega-3 essential fatty acids contained in our greenlipped mussel oil are proven to fight inflammation and improve joint function, soothing joints quickly helping maintain optimum mobility and flexibility. One particular omega-3 fatty acid, called ETA (eicosatetraeonic acid), is hard to find in most foods, but is plentiful in the New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel. Technyflex Quality The New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel (Perna canaliculus) is a marine shellfish containing many nutritional benefits. It is the only mussel species in the world offering this unique combination of healthy nutrients. The New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel is a farmed species, and therefore, growing conditions and quality can vary. But because we have a comprehensive knowledge of the growth cycles of mussels, and know what quality indicators to look for, we can offer superior quality products year-round. We carefully select the best mussels from the clean, pristine waters of New Zealand, then harvest and process them in the shortest possible time frame to obtain the highest quality nutrients. Because we are passionate about quality, we make sure every step of the manufacturing process meets our high standards. This results in in the most effective New Zealand Greenlipped Mussel products available. Many of the important nutrients in the Greenlipped Mussel only exist when the mussels are raw, not cooked. Although some manufacturers steam the mussels to extract the oil, we use a cold process to extract the oil. This insures that the essential fatty acids, lipids and GAGs can stay intact and effective.

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