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MODYY Pet Retractable Anti-Skid Stair Steps Dog car ramp Big Dog Golden Retriever Husky Climbing Supplies

Last updated on August 14, 2019

Product Features

  • Protect the joints, help pets get on and off, reduce pet joint pressure, and reduce muscle damage in the buttocks and back, making the pet's life longer. Intelligent adjustment length, adjustable length, easy to store, no space, and versatile And ease of use;
  • Tough and stable, all-plastic frame, tough and stable, to ensure that the ramp does not slide at a slight point, causing pet panic;
  • Safety protection, unique non-slip tread design and rubber anti-slip feet to prevent movement and slippage, prevent safety hazards and ensure safe and secure use;
  • Human care, smooth edges and rounded corners around the product protect the pets, people and car surfaces from damage;
  • Scientific design, weighing only 7.3kg, many times rigorous testing, but can withstand up to 136kg pets; simple and fast, 1 second installation, easy to clean, maintenance-free.
Price: $675.45
(as of 10/18/2019 12:38 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Name: Luxury telescopic pet car stair ramp
Specifications: 107-178*43*13CM (length * width * height)
Fabric: beige gray steel material + black ABS resin
Accessories: black non-slip matte tread, 4 black rubber non-slip feet, Chinese and English manual
Applicable location: Home small bridge, SUV, commercial vehicle, etc. can be used
Body feeling: dry and comfortable
Other features: waterproof, anti-urine, non-sticky
Product grade: first-class product
Installation Notes:
1. First open the color box package and take out the ramp for the luxury telescopic vehicle;
2. Extend the ramps of the vehicle to the maximum length or extend to the required length as needed;
3. Place one end with the dog’s paw print on the rear of the trunk, or place it in other desired positions, and place the other end on the ground to complete the installation.
Portable frame stairs
Help the dog or cat to reach the sofa, bed chair or sofa
Suitable for indoor use
Suitable for small or old-fashioned pets and pets with arthritis
Ideal for dogs with limited mobility
Easy to assemble and disassemble, lightweight construction, easy to carry

Customer Reviews

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