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Do NOT Pet a Bison Like This Yellowstone Touron

Last updated on August 10, 2019 NOT Pet a Bison Like This Yellowstone Touron  The story begins with mountain biker Colin Dowler, who was riding in a remote part of British Columbia near Mount Doogie Dowler all by his lonesome. He wasn’t alone for long, because Dowler soon found himself face to face with a grizzly bear. RELATED: Two Bears Euthanized in Yellowstone Park After spotting the animal, Dowler tried to scare it away with loud noises. It did little good; the bear only got closer A single seater Navy F-18 Super Hornet reportedly crashed in Death Valley National Park at 10 a.m yesterday morning. Military flights are currently banned in nearly all national parks, but after an exception was made for certain parts of Death Valley, the canyons of park became the training grounds for pilots practicing low-altitude maneuvers.


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