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Bundaloo Pet Gate | Expandable & Folding Wood Fence for Dogs & Cats with Three Panels for Blocking Doors, Stairs, Steps | Freestanding Safety Enclosure for Home & Indoor (Black, Giraffe Print)

Last updated on August 6, 2019

Product Features

  • 🐾KEEPS PETS SAFE IN ANY ROOM - Our pet barrier can block hallways, doors, and stairs so you can cook, sleep, or work in peace. It's also a great way to diffuse tension by keeping pets separated.
  • 🐾GREAT FOR TRAINING - Training is easier when pets are in enclosures. Puppies, in particular, behave best when not given free reign. And the gate keeps your ankles away from constant nipping!
  • 🐾EASY TO USE - You can use our tall gate right out the box, no installation or mount required. Just wedge it against an entryway, and pack it up when not in use so it doesn't get in your way.
  • 🐾STYLISH AND PET-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Our accordion gate's giraffe motif and black finish makes the gate look like part of your wall or home decor. Pets still see through slats so they don't feel isolated.
  • 🐾WORKS FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM DOGS - Because the gate is free standing, determined pets can knock it down. However, pets usually respect barriers. The gate signals when an area is off limits.
Price: $39.95
(as of 11/14/2019 07:07 UTC - Details)

Product Description

Has getting a pet turned your home upside down?

Are you tired of chewed up sofa legs? Have you forgotten what a good night’s sleep feels like because your cat for some reason keeps kneading your face at 4 in the morning? Feeling like your pets have taken over the house?

The Bundaloo Giraffe Decor Pet Gate is here to contain your pet woes.

Regain control of your house by deciding which areas pets can stay in–and not the other way around. You can now remove your dirty laundry piles from the top of your washing machine, and take out your poor trash bin from the closet it uses to hide from your dog.

Containing your pets in one area is also good for their health. Dogs with high separation anxiety feel more secure when left in an enclosed area, like in playpens or a room blocked in by gates.

The Bundaloo Giraffe Decor Pet Gate makes containment easy and safe for your pet:

🐾LIGHTWEIGHT – Taking a pet to new places can be stressful. So many new hazards, so many stylish carpets to have an accident on. Thankfully, our pet gate is light and portable. Taking your pet to your friend’s house, to work, and to vacations just got a whole lot easier. Extended 24-45″ by 19″ Inches. Folded 24″ x 19″ Inches.
🐾HAPPIER PETS – A gated room is more fun for your pet than a leash, or a crate.
🐾HAPPIER OWNERS – At ease, pet parent! You don’t have to watch over them like a hawk anymore. With our pet gate, you don’t have to worry about your pet tumbling down stairs or escaping through the door while you’re away.

Bundaloo is here for you! Your backed by a 6 month Warranty
Bring the Bundaloo Pet Gate home TODAY! Your pets, your laundry, your hardwood floors, your chair legs, and your hand-tufted wool rug will thank you for it.

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